5 Quick Tips to Prevent Storm Damage

Quick Tips: Storm Damage Prevention
December 20, 2016
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February 20, 2017

Here Are 5 Quick Tips To Help You Make It Through The Next Storm While Minimizing Property Damage

1. Gutters/Downspouts

Keeping an eye on your property’s drainage systems and downspouts can prevent water damage and flooding during a storm. If applicable and safe, check gutters and downspouts for pine needles, leaves or anything that could clog the flow of water. If you are using a ladder, its best to have a spotter for safety so you don't lose your footing.
We Don't Recommend Doing This During A Storm!

2. Street Drains

It’s important to know where the nearest street drain is located to your home. When properly maintained, a city supplied drain can divert heavy water flow and prevent flooding. However, during a storm, debris can clog the drains and the overflow can cause major water damage to your property. If you think there is an issue with your street’s drainage system, contact your city’s office to get it cleared.

3. Tree's/Branches

Look for low hanging and sagging branches that are close to your roofline. If you see sagging tree branches or a leaning tree, don’t wait, get it taken care ASAP. California soil has been deprived of consistent water over the past few years, and while water is a good thing, too much can be dangerous and cause trees to fall. We suggest contacting a landscaper, professional tree cutting service, property owner, or city office, depending on the location of the tree in correlation with your property.

4. Decorations And Outdoor Furniture

We hate to break it to you Weatherman, but storms are unpredictable. Light rain can lead to heavy winds before you can even update your Facebook status. Bring in outside decorations that could cause damage such as deck furniture, low hanging string lights, lanterns, garden gnomes, large flags, surfboards….ect

5. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Its important to be proactive and understand what you could be facing if flooding or storm damage does occur.
- Are you covered if a tree falls on your property?
- What if your gutters or down spouts fail and flood your home or office?
- What if a street drain overflows and floods your home or office?
- What if your roof leaks and causes mold to grow?

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