Fire Damage Cleanup

Fire Update
September 12, 2016
Fire in Santa Cruz Mountains
September 26, 2016

Dry Ice Blasting

CPR has the tools, knowledge, and experience to get you back into your home after a fire. Dry Ice Blasting is just one of many ways we can remediate Smoke, Fire, and Soot Damage.

Dry Ice-Blasting Is A Lot Like Pressure Washing Or Sand Blasting, Except In This Case It Is A Form Of Carbon Dioxide Cleaning, Where Dry Ice, The Solid Form Of Carbon Dioxide, Is Transferred Through A Pressurized Air Stream At Extremely High Speeds..

Dry-Ice Blasting Leaves No Chemical Residue Because It Evaporates At Room Temperature, Leaving No Mess To Clean Up. This Specific Project Had Extensive Smoke And Soot Damage In Hard To Reach Places, Much Of The Structure Was Still Salvageable But Without The Ice Blasting Method It Would Have Taken Our Team A Lot Longer To Complete The Project.

Why Does The Technician Wear A Suit And Mask? 
While Dry Ice Blasting Is Relatively Safe It Can Be Hazardous When Not Property Operated. The Technician Is Required To Wear A Protective Suit For Flying Debris, And The Mask Is Used To Filter Out Any Harmful Chemicals From The Surface Being Cleaned. It Is Also Recommended That Dry Ice Blasting Be Used In A Well-Ventilated Area Because It Can Lower The Amount Of Oxygen In Confined Spaces..

What Other Options Are There?
Well, There Are Quite A Few Options Available But It Depends On The Size Of The Project. For Example: On A Small Fire, It May Be Acceptable To Use An Abrasive Material Such As Sandpaper Or Special Cleaning Supplies To Help Restore The Surface. While These Other Methods Are Effective For Smaller Fire Remediation Projects, They Can Actually Delay Larger Projects Due To The Amount Of Cleanup Involved.

In Summary, Dry Ice Blasting Is A Much More Efficient Process For Fire Damage Cleanup Because It Is A Non-Abrasive, Non-Flammable, Non-Conductive And Tim-Saving Method. Getting Homeowners Back Onto Their Property In A Timely Manner Is Our Number One Goal.

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